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Essential Elements in Creating a Medical Website That Converts in Malaysia

A medical website can make a patient portal easily accessible and help educate patients about common health issues.

User Interface: Mobile First

Mobile internet usage has overtaken desktop usage and continues to increase daily.

It's important to make sure the aesthetic of your site is just as beautiful (if not more) on mobile. User experience is designed around the taps and swipes of today’s mobile generation.

The result is more aesthetically pleasing, and it almost always leads to better conversion. Simplicity is more than just removing the options, it’s about creating a design that is uncluttered and limits distractions.

User Experience

The experience of a website can easily be the making or breaking point. These days, users expect (as they should) a website that is lightning fast, simple to navigate, responsive to each respective input, and interactive.


It is important to understand the audience and produce the proper type of content that speaks to them and delivers an impactful experience. In the age of the web, educating your users is far more effective than trying to sell them.

Nurture your content thanks to an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that adapts to your content. Text, images, room types, special offers, news... your imagination is the limit!

Managing and maintaining a medical website can seem daunting at first. However, WEB88 CMS can make the process easy.

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