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Setting up your database with FASTPANEL in your VPS Server

Easy steps to creating, setting up, and accessing a database in a Webqom's VPS Server Hosting accoun...

Read more 8th Jul 2024
Danny Foo

How to create database using CLI in Ubuntu 20.04 for your dedicated server

To to create a MySQL database from the command line for your dedicated server.

Read more 17th Jun 2024
Danny Foo

How to Grant Privileges for a User in MySQL in your VPS server?

Grant privileges for a user in MySQL in VPS

Read more 15th Jun 2024
Bryan Jani

New creative web design for ecommerce and it comes with Web88 CMS

Establish and grow your brand's digital presence on eCommerce platforms through excellent marketing,...

Read more 5th Jan 2024

How to install FASTPANEL into your VPS Server

VPS Server is virtual private server. Fastpanel is a server control panel. The purpose of Fastpanel...

Read more 30th Jul 2023
Danny Foo

VPS Hosting In Malaysia

What is VPS? VPS stands for virtual private server. Virtual private server is a type of hosting, whi...

Read more 20th Jun 2023

Award & Accreditition by TrustedMalaysia

We are honored to be featured as one of the top Email Marketing solution providers in Malaysia by Tr...

Read more 11th May 2023

New Launch of KOMPLIT Plan For Corporate and IR Websites

Komplit is an approach that covers the entire spectrum from responsive web design, secured content m...

Read more 29th Apr 2023

Bringing creative solutions to connect disparate and distributed applications and data

Lien Hoe Bhd uses Web88IR to bring its UX/UI to the next level.

Read more 16th Apr 2023

Mooncake Online accept payments via online transfer (Stripe FPX)

Offer more ways to pay at checkout when buying mooncakes.

Read more 6th Apr 2023
Danny Foo

New Next Generation Servers: Arrived and Mounted

We recently launched some new next generation servers (dual Intel XEON processors) for our Data Cent...

Read more 13th Mar 2023
Stephaine Faris

How to add favicon to your website?

A favicon also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon that ser...

Read more 17th Feb 2023

Creative website design with cool kinetic typography to boost communications

Kinetic typography is also known as moving text used in website is aimed to highlight the company's...

Read more 11th Jan 2023
Danny Foo

How to find the best web hosting provider in Malaysia

All website needs web hosting to go online, so finding the most suitable one is an incredibly key de...

Read more 6th Dec 2022
Danny Foo

Introducing cost-effective, reliable, and scalable ThinkSystem SR650 Dedicated Server – Unbeatable Performance at an Unbelievable Price

Today we proudly announce the launch of ThinkSystem SR650, a groundbreaking dual processors Dedicat...

Read more 22nd Nov 2022

Host your email and website on your domain

Our hosting solutions ranges from basic low density shared hosting, dedicated server to cloud VPS.

Read more 21st Oct 2022

Evolving web design to UX design in Malaysia

UX design is the art of designing products so that they provide the optimum possible user experience

Read more 7th Sep 2022
Bryan Jani

Airport Transfer Booking Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

Fast-loading e-commerce booking platform

Read more 11th Jul 2022
Bryan Jani

Webqom empowers MNY Hotel's Direct Revenue channel with its Booking Engine Platform

MNY Hotel & Resort partnered with Webqom with the aim to increase its direct booking revenue through...

Read more 23rd Jun 2022
David Foo

Essential Elements in Creating a Medical Website That Converts in Malaysia

A medical website can make a patient portal easily accessible and help educate patients about common...

Read more 18th Mar 2022
Danny Foo

How To Copy Files from VM to VM

This video demonstrates a method of how to copy files from one virtual machine to another one. Just...

Read more 24th Jun 2021
Danny Foo

Investor Relations Website Design - Web88IR

Engineered to meet the demands of increased complexity, the Webqom WEB88IR combines advanced compone...

Read more 6th Apr 2021
Ah Hock

SEO Rankings Results - Caring Gynae

The Challenge: Caring Gynae was looking for a way to increase its online presence and reach more cu...

Read more 11th Jan 2021
Bryan Jani

Web design showcase: MNY Hotel

The goal of this web design is to boost MNY hotel's online presence and accelerate direct bookings.

Read more 1st Nov 2020
David Foo

Making Digital Your Competitive Advantage

The use of technology of an dynamic website should encourage and build relationships that develops c...

Read more 27th Oct 2020
Bryan Jani

End to end website services makes a high-quality user experience for RPGC Garden Hotel

Add a new commission free online direct booking channel integrated with CMS to boost sales

Read more 9th Sep 2020
Bryan Jani

Hotel Solution New Features Update 2020

More promotional behaviors to boost your room sales.

Read more 14th Jul 2020
Bryan Jani

One cloud-based system, one login, always sync: a direct booking channel for Tower Regency Hotel Ipoh

Tower Regency Hotel chose Webqom's integrated solution together with its web design services, to ach...

Read more 3rd Dec 2019
Bryant Jani

Hotel Solution - New Features Update

Easily create and display your special offers in a few clicks.

Read more 14th Nov 2019
Ah Hock

Get your website ready for more booking for "Visit Malaysia 2020"

Maximise direct bookings for Visit Malaysia 2020.

Read more 5th Nov 2019
Ah Hock

New updates is effective currently, do make sure you check it out!

We have put in place additional updated features and measures to enhance your usage satisfaction.

Read more 11th Oct 2019
Bryant Jani

How to measure effectiveness of email marketing campaign?

Email marketing is one of the most trackable marketing channels on the planet, and tools like Email8...

Read more 5th Mar 2019
Bryant Jani

Ways to have the investor website of your dreams.

our investor relations website or IR section is your public company résumé. Current and potential in...

Read more 28th Jan 2019
Danny Foo

WEB IR :: How to get your news and announcements in your website to be updated automatically?

Relieve Yourself of Monotonous Work. Light Up Investors Engagement With Up To Date News, Announcemen...

Read more 29th Nov 2018
Danny Foo

Greetings to Ritz Garden Hotel for Using Webqom's Online Booking Engine

It's our pleasure to be serving the hotel with: Responsive Branded website / Direct booking engine /...

Read more 16th Oct 2018
Bryant Jani

Manage Subscribers with the Email88 API

Most people use the Email88 API to manage subscriber data. You can subscribe and unsubscribe individ...

Read more 2nd Jan 2018
Bryant Jani

How to Create A Great Hotel plus IR Website?

A carefully crafted website design can be a powerful tool for establishing a brand. In the hotel bus...

Read more 27th Feb 2018
Ah Hock

VPS Means More Freedom

If you're outgrowing your shared web hosting or simply want more control, a managed or fully managed...

Read more 30th Mar 2018
Ah Hock

How do you deal with the headache of choosing a professional web host supplier?

What will it take to be able to sleep soundly knowing you are getting the best web hosting supplier...

Read more 10th May 2018
Danny Foo

Dying Dedicated Servers and the Evolution of Cloud Hosting

For more than a decade, practitioners of cloud hosting (or cloud computing) have often hyped that th...

Read more 18th Jun 2018
Hon Bon

How to reset your email password if you are using cPanel emails with Outlook 2010 email client?

Short description of this blog article. Short description of this blog article. Short description of...

Read more 3rd Jan 2018
Danny Foo

The art and science of getting high search engine visibility

SEO describes the techniques used to ensure that your website achieves high visibility in natural (u...

Read more 6th Jan 2017
Danny Foo

A Reimagined Website Strategy

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax which fuels digital transform...

Read more 21st Mar 2017
Danny Foo

How to add recaptcha API into your website?

reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that helps protect websites from spam and abuse. A "CAPTCHA"...

Read more 20th Jun 2017
Bryant Jani

A remarkably intuitive IR platform

WEB88IR, a remarkably intuitive IR platform,was purpose-built with features that can help you work f...

Read more 1st Dec 2017
Ah Hock

Web88IR (Investor Relations) Updates

At Webqom, nothing is more important than listening to you our loyal customers in order to enhance y...

Read more 3rd Mar 2016
Ah Hock

E-mail88 [The Ultimate Email Marketing System] new feature update: Online Real Time Email Sending Display

It's here! See what some of our favorite new features are. You can just view in real-time when you c...

Read more 18th Mar 2016
Ah Hock

Tips: How to perform iSCSI SAN mounting in Linux?

If you are using Dell's SAN storage and connected using iSCSI and want to know how to perform mounti...

Read more 23rd Mar 2016
Ah Hock

Tips for using E-mail88 : How to upload your image file and send?

A good looking newsletter is the best way to spark the curiosity of your prospects or would be prosp...

Read more 30th Mar 2016
Ah Hock

x-Com88 New Feature Updates : Product Global Settings

We're excited to introduce you to our newest feature, Product Global Settings. This is the perfect w...

Read more 9th Apr 2016
Ah Hock

x-Com88 New Feature Updates : Open Or Close Global Settings

We've added a new "Open or Close" tab to your Web88 administration panel. There, you can simply mana...

Read more 26th Apr 2016
Danny Foo

What is Material Design and shall I use it for my new web site?

Material design is a set of web design standards developed by Google and laid out in this document....

Read more 28th Apr 2016
Danny Foo

Who does not require almighty servers which are fast, reliable and fully redundant?

Dedicated servers are designed to maximize the best performance for your online business. Most dedic...

Read more 8th May 2016
Danny Foo

Shall I pick cloud hosting or VPS hosting and will it work for me?

VPS = Virtual Private Server is a mechanism to slice a physical server into virtual chunks (thinking...

Read more 10th May 2016
Danny Foo

When Do You Really Need Managed Laravel Hosting?

Are you a Laravel beginner who is wondering what is managed Laravel hosting?

Read more 16th May 2016
Danny Foo

What is Laravel Web Hosting?

Laravel gradually becomes one of the top Framework choices for developing online projects of various...

Read more 17th May 2016
Danny Foo

Beautiful Big Background Image Website Designs with Video Background

We stumbled on this site and found it creative, quirky and interesting in the way the sites that mak...

Read more 3rd Jun 2016
Danny Foo

Finishing touch, beautifying the web

The web is an ever-evolving medium propelled forward by enthusiastic developers and designers. Anima...

Read more 26th Jun 2016
Danny Foo

What type of web hosting service best suit my needs?

When it comes to starting an ecommerce website or setting up a responsive website, there are many th...

Read more 30th Jun 2016
Danny Foo

We are passionate about helping our customers succeed

Working alongside key members of the KYM team, we engineered a fully responsive web platform that de...

Read more 3rd Jul 2016
Danny Foo

From The Grandest Of Gestures To The Smallest Of Details

I was thrilled by Bentley Motors new responsive website. I am pretty sure you will enjoy the amazing...

Read more 13th Jul 2016
Danny Foo

Standard & Premium Domain Name

Given the dynamic nature of the Internet, new trends in the domain name industry are frequent. The h...

Read more 19th Jul 2016
Danny Foo

Innovative Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Ask a marketer or business owner what they'd like most in the world, and they will probably tell you...

Read more 27th Jul 2016
Danny Foo

2016 Web Hosting Market Share & Trends

As the competitiveness of the web hosting industry continues to rise, consumers will continue to ben...

Read more 10th Aug 2016
Danny Foo

Evolution From Big Box Giant To E-Commerce Innovator

We continue to see ecommerce to be an innovator's market, and if you're not adapting and evolving to...

Read more 29th Aug 2016
Danny Foo

How to change the logo in laravel administrator page?

Here is a tip of a faster way to change your logo in WEB88 content management system (CMS). It is pr...

Read more 3rd Oct 2016
Danny Foo

Web Design Style For Wealth Management Services

When doing this review, three things became apparent: Most investment banking sites are secured with...

Read more 17th Dec 2016
Ah Hock

How to create a staging account in sub-domain in zpanel?

Tips and tricks in adding a staging account to your VPS server or a dedicated server. If you are dev...

Read more 22nd Sep 2015
Ah Hock

How to check your laravel version?

If you have a website that is running with content management system (CMS) built from Laravel framew...

Read more 4th Nov 2015
Ah Hock

Easily Scale Your Savings With Webqom's Dedicated Server

Do not bring it on! That is the feeling among Malaysians just weeks before the new year. News of pri...

Read more 20th Jan 2014
Ah Hock

Hosting Re-dedicated: Tips For Success

More companies are turning to dedicated server to give them peace of mind.

Read more 21st Jan 2014
Ah Hock

How to unblock your IP?

Assuming you have subscribed to a dedicated server or Cloud VPS server running Linux and apf-bfd, th...

Read more 17th Mar 2014
Ah Hock

Useful Tip: DNS Replication using BIND9 (Simplified Version)

Assuming you have a dedicated server from Webqom and is running BIND9 DNS setup, you can use the fol...

Read more 5th Jun 2014
Ah Hock

New Features Now Available EMAIL88 (www.e-mail88.com)

We've been busy making updates to the new version of E-mail88 we launched in March and are excited t...

Read more 7th Aug 2014
Ah Hock

Web Hosting Party in Singapore: WHD.asia event

Our team was at the WHD.asia event party in Singapore last week. The event gave opportunities to fac...

Read more 9th Sep 2014
Ah Hock

New Hosting Feature: Enterprise Class Feature

Stand out from the competition with High Availability. Webqom's Next Generation Web Hosting Service...

Read more 28th Sep 2014
Ah Hock

Email Tip: How To Add cPanel's email to Gmail?

Web Hosting Service that is Bundled with Emails Services. Super Reliable.

Read more 2nd Oct 2014
Ah Hock

Web & Mobile App: Delivering The Internet of Everything Transformation Through Cloud?

Since the dawn of the Internet, what holds the most tremendous potential?

Read more 11th Oct 2014
Ah Hock

Managed Services: The Complete End-to-End Solution

Managed Services in this context means, building the website, operating the website and managing the...

Read more 3rd Nov 2014
Ah Hock

Web Hosting Tip: Check, unblock and whitelist your IP in APF

Advanced Policy Firewall, or APF, is a firewall sometimes seen on Webqom's servers.

Read more 15th Nov 2014
Stephanie Faris

Website Design - Foster True Love For Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to build websites is by using website builder tools. However, you've got to...

Read more 17th Dec 2014
Ah Hock

What You Should Know When Re-creating a New Virtual Server with a Different Operating System in OpenVZ

If you are to re-create a new virtual server in OpenVZ for different operating system, and to instal...

Read more 23rd Sep 2013
Paul Cook

6 Effective Tips on How to Use Social Media for Your Online Campaign

Social media is not the "Next Big Thing" in the marketing world anymore. Over the year, it has estab...

Read more 16th May 2013
Stephanie Faris

Shall I Use WordPress for My Corporate Website?

WordPress is known as an easy, free way to get a business website in place quickly. Using one of the...

Read more 19th Jun 2013
Ah Hock

Useful Tip: DNS Replication using BIND9

Assuming you have a dedicated server from Webqom and is running BIND9 DNS setup, you can use the fol...

Read more 29th Jun 2013
Stephanie Faris

Web Hosting Evolves to the Cloud

Today's business owners are often on the move, traveling to conferences and meetings. Even on vacati...

Read more 18th Jul 2013
Ah Hock

How To Create Email Accounts In cPanel

Just follow a few easy steps to create email accounts in cPanel.

Read more 18th Jul 2013

IBM's acquisition of SoftLayer: Is Big Blue nimble enough to win the cloud?

When IBM acquired cloud infrastructure company SoftLayer earlier this month it signaled that Big Blu...

Read more 26th Aug 2013
Ah Hock

Did Humingbird gives you a better or worse page ranking?

Google gave us all a big present on her 15th birthday. Amit Singhal, Google's senior vice president...

Read more 11th Oct 2013
Ah Hock

How to access to your SAN remotely with SSH Tunneling socks proxy?

To achieve a competitive advantage in a world of 24x7 continuous operations, organizations need to a...

Read more 25th Nov 2013
Ah Hock

E-Commerce for You and Me

The trend moving forward for every businesses is setting up an eShop. They are many eShop options av...

Read more 18th Dec 2013
Ah Hock

Time to change. Time to get into xCommerce: IDC Malaysia Predictions 2014

Recently one of our key members was invited to attend an event organised by IDC. The agenda was well...

Read more 20th Dec 2013
Helen Ford

How To Budget My Web Design?

A website is a crucial part to any online promotion.

Read more 15th May 2013

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