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Shall I Use WordPress for My Corporate Website?

WordPress is known as an easy, free way to get a business website in place quickly. Using one of the site's free templates, a company can deploy a workable website with easily-updatable content, in minutes.

But WordPress has its limitations that can damage your business’s online reputation. Before making the decision to host your business's website on the world's most popular blogging system, here are a few things you should know.

It Is About the Design

You will likely realize fairly quickly that those "free" templates provided by WordPress aren't quite professional-looking enough. Even if you can find one that matches your business perfectly, chances are a few thousand other websites employ the exact same template. That means you'll have to go with one of the many WordPress templates out there in order to ensure your business expresses the subtle sophistication you intend.

Many templates will require customization and, unless you're a programming guru, chances are you"ll have to pay a designer to alter the template to work for your needs. This "instant web development" technique can cost thousands of dollars while failing to provide the craftsmanship on which your business prides itself.

Fast vs. Good

Just as nutritious, delicious food requires careful planning and preparation, a rich, well-designed website calls for talented, experienced craftsman using the powerful development tools available today. Good food has all the right ingredients, with flavors brought out gradually, until the desired flavor is achieved.

Fast website design is comparable to instant noodles, which can be prepared in just a matter of minutes. The quality and nutrition of instant noodles is lacking, just as the professionalism and uniqueness is missing from a quickly-designed website. Over time, the professionally-designed website still holds up, thereby reaching more customers and helping build a strong brand for a business. A website that is thrown together quickly likely won't have the same impact, requiring a redesign in a few months when the business realizes the message isn't being properly conveyed.

A website is often the first thing a customer or potential client sees when seeking information about a business. While WordPress may seem the best shortcut to deploy a site quickly, it's important to put out the image your business wants the customers to see. Using a fast approach to web design may not be the best way to accomplish that.

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