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Useful Tip: DNS Replication using BIND9 (Simplified Version)

Assuming you have a dedicated server from Webqom and is running BIND9 DNS setup, you can use the following tips to perform DNS replication between master and slave nameservers.

Log into your WHM account
WHM login

Create an account in WHM
Create an account


Adding zone into NS1 configuration

For easy editing, you can use Midnight commander software. Run:

mc mc

The configuration file for BIND9 in file /etc/named.conf . However, in both views that are in configuration, the zone file points to yourdomain.com.db. You have to change this.

In commander interface navigate to /etc/ and edit file named.conf .


Locate zone definition in "external" view and change it to this (add "-ext" part into zone filename):

Save and exit.


To propagate changes


You probably need to run the synchronization script, not just reload the named but to propagate the change right now. You can run the below command in



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