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Introducing cost-effective, reliable, and scalable ThinkSystem SR650 Dedicated Server – Unbeatable Performance at an Unbelievable Price


Today we proudly announce the launch of ThinkSystem SR650, a groundbreaking dual processors Dedicated Server, setting a new standard for performance and value. Priced at an astonishingly low $388.99 / mo, this game-changing offer is set to redefine the dedicated server landscape. 

Not All Dedicated Servers Are Made Equal

Dual processors Dedicated Servers have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional performance. Dual CPU Server offers double the processing power due to the presence of two processors. With two independent processors working in tandem, a Dual CPU Server excels in handling demanding workloads and parallel processing. It can efficiently execute multiple tasks simultaneously, leading to improved performance and faster response times.

Multitasking Capabilities

A Dual CPU Dedicated Server with two independent processors excels in multitasking scenarios. The presence of two CPUs allows for efficient distribution of the workload. Each processor can handle different tasks simultaneously, ensuring smoother operation even with numerous concurrent tasks. Dual CPU Dedicated Servers are particularly beneficial for environments that require extensive multitasking, such as running multiple applications, handling high user traffic, or performing complex computations concurrently.

Lots Of "Good Memories"

There are 64GB RAM in the Dedicated Server lineup. Our commitment to affordability is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Leveraging our cost-efficient approach, we are proud to offer the Dual Intel Xeon Processors E4208 Dedicated Server at $388.99 / month, an unseen price in the industry, thus making this premium Dedicated Server accessible to everyone. This is half the price of our previous mid-level model, when one would expect the latest powerful server on the market to actually cost twice the price.

Take advantage of this opportunity and try the new Dedicated Servers before anyone else!

Double The Power

Two socket Dedicated Server, the most widely used server worldwide with 750W(230/115V) Platinum Hot-Swap Power Supply. It is engineered to deliver high performance for medium and large enterprises. The powerful dedicated server easily accommodates low-latency NVMe drives and high powered GPUs.

Ready to unleash the potential of the ThinkSystem SR650 Dedicated Server? Explore our Dedicated Servers page now and keep an eye out for exciting additions coming soon to our Bare Metal Server lineup.

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