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Website Design Professional design crafted for you Professional design crafted for you Professional design crafted for you
Page Loading Speed Optimized Optimized Optimized
Web88 CMS Dynamic-Secured Web88 CMS Dynamic-Secured Web88 CMS Dynamic-Secured Web88 CMS
Domain FREE domain .COM FREE domain .COM FREE Domain .COM
Functional Pages Up to 6 Functional Pages (Products, Gallery, Email Subscription, Profile, Career, News, Contact) Up to 8 Functional Pages (Services, Products, Gallery, Email Subscription, Profile, Career, News, Contact) Up to 10 Functional Pages (Products, Services, Products, Gallery, Email Subscription, Profile, Career, News, Contact)
Google Map
Responsive & Recaptcha
Multiple Products Categories
Message Listing Admin View Admin View Admin View
Hard Disk SAN 100GB Fast Hard Disk SAN 150GB Fast Hard Disk SAN 200GB Fast Hard Disk
Hosting Low Density - High Security Low Density - High Security Low Density - High Security
Firewall N+1 Firewall Redundancy N+1 Firewall Redundancy N+1 Firewall Redundancy
Email Addresses Professional Email Addresses Prodessional Email Addresses Prodessional Email Addresses
Email Accounts 100 200 300
Google Analytics
SEO Optimized
Search Console
Product Tags for Keyword & Search
Email Marketing Credits 100 200 300
Social Media FB / Instagram FB / Instagram FB / Instagram
SSL Certificate
Setup Fee
One Time Fee RM 3299.00 RM 4999.00 RM 6699.00
RM3,299.00 Order Now
RM4,999.00 Order Now
RM6,699.00 Order Now

Digitizing Your
brick-n-mortar Store

The Ideal Website With Everything You Need

We have a professional web design and web development team to create for you an awesome interface to ensure your visitors have the best user experience, and come back for more (repeat visits, repeat sales).


inspired responsive web design

Mobile Compatible

We take note where you want to go, who you are meeting and what you want out of the engagement.

We build responsive websites that looks great no matter it’s viewed on a computer, mobile or tablet. Delight and impress your visitors with a highly user-friendly website.

For existing websites, we have a unique trade-in program which allows minute upgrades at a sensible price. Our professional copywriters will plan and come out with website content that speaks to your audience!


Setup & Development

Our team of strategists are profoundly knowledgeable and experienced in helping brands find their unique niche.

Once we have established the look and feel of your website, we work on the nitty-gritty stuff because it's the little details that count. We move on to the Setup and Development Phase, wherein we flesh out and test the ideas we have created in the first phase. This second phase includes:

  • Setting the the site file
  • Developing navigational structures
  • Gathering content
  • Building and testing of the actual pages of the site, and
  • Registering the domain name

Hosting & Maintenance

Get your website online quickly and easily today!

Now that your business website looks good, feels real and works fine, it's time to get him into a car so he can attend the cocktail party and be introduced to society – that's where the Hosting and Launching phase occurs. Customers can choose a variety of hosting plans in Linux. During hosting, the site is uploaded and its information stored in a server and announced and promoted thereafter.

Once your business website is out, the Maintenance Phase comes in. Like a person, your business website should have found new interests, acquired new skills and ideas, and so forth. In short, the website has to be in touch with the latest style and always up-to-date to avoid appearing boring or old fashioned. These help your online customers to keep coming back for more.

During the Maintenance Phase, we can help you:

  • Update your database as soon as you release the data to us.
  • Change graphics monthly for a continuous fresh look.
  • Add and delete web pages as your business grows.
  • Update your website's position in the most popular search engines.
  • Track visitors and modify your meta tags to focus on your business.
  • Maintain site's user friendliness.
  • Re-purpose marketing material for website content.
  • Monitor the maintenance of all links to avoid breakage.


Stunning Creative Design

We are experienced in creating user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, professional-looking, and search friendly website..

Brand Identity

Your website design, colour tone, font & layout work together to highlight and amplify your brand identity..

Better Value

We offer better price than you expect with better website design with your requirements..

Make Digital

Our tools help you to generate leads and convert it to sales and enhance your company's competitive advantage. .