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E-Commerce for You and Me

The trend moving forward for every businesses is setting up an eShop. They are many eShop options available on the internet. You have the choice of setting it up with eBay, Alibaba, Shopify, or you can setup your eShop as an extension of your website.

The Big Boys in Malaysia believe in eCommerce

Tesco Malaysia is a good example of the latter, and so is Senheng and Guardian Pharmacy. One good thing about setting up your eShop as an extension of your website is you have the flexibility to pick and choose the modules you want as well as develop new and innovative module to up your service level. Apart from flexibility, you will also enjoy much better security.

What are your options?

For such exercise, it is nevertheless cost more than just setting up of a eShop in those mentioned above in the short term. Most of such companies, Tesco, Guardian as well as Senheng have a longer term horizon. Customized eCommerce solutions as part of your web extension costs less in the long run. Having your own customsied eCommerce website means you only pay a one off price. Whereas, setting up your shop in Alibaba, eBay or 1&1 will be a monthly payment affair until you decided to close shop. They just suck the money off your pocket on monthly basis regardless if your site is making money.

For eCommerce site, you may consider the following module to be useful initially:

  • - Shopping cart
  • - Product catalogue
  • - Payment gateway
  • - Member's registration
  • - Multi-Currency management
  • - Currency exchange management
  • - Shipping management
  • - Promotion management
  • - SEO management
  • - Social Commerce management and engagement
  • - SEM

    Webqom's eCommerce architecture is flexible and scalable enough for price and functionality expected for a range of customers from small enterprise to fortune 500 companies.

You may consider hosting your eCommerce website on a dedicated server for the following reasons:

  • - You site has huge traffic and you need better processing power to handle many concurrent users.
  • - Your brand and security is important.
  • - Safeguarding user's confidential data.
  • - Flexibility in securing your server and site to the best of your endeavor.
  • - Downtime is bad for your brand and business.
  • - Your eCommerce site and server being compromised is detrimental to both your brand and business.

    Economic advantages of Webqom's eCommerce architecture and dedicated server solution are compelling with common, underlying components to drive down costs, extend your eCommerce capabilities, and creating new and advance features to dazzle your members.
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