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Hosting Re-dedicated: Tips For Success

More companies are turning to dedicated server to give them peace of mind.

Consumers call it "the word of mouth paradox" : how do you know whether a current customer whom is a stranger to you and tells you how valuable and good their existing hosting service provider is? Or is word of mouth all about saying the right thing to the right person at the right place at the right time? Word of mouth played a significant role in any company's growth. That's something you can't really fake or buy, unlike advertising.

In these days of value centric advertisement and ever-available cloud hosting services, enterprises find it increasingly difficult to know which agencies/providers are the ones with serious "best of breed networking gear power". As a result, IT managers are now told to look for a new clue to identify agencies/providers with power: their forms aka 4, 49, 24.

Styles change. Fashions change. Expressions changes. And, of course, technology will continue to change, bringing new ways to make connections between advertisers and people in ways we can't even imagine.

Not only will a positive word of mouth make you richer but it will also help drive more traffic to your web site. Having good word of mouth keep spreading like wildfire and a well configured dedicated server is the secret to online success.

The dedicated server hosting and its solidly configured network gear, your website, your business emails, your video streaming services or your mobile applications are hosting on is the foundation of the whole lower half of the internet solution. They're the framework to support all the applications sitting on it. You can have the best designed website in the world or the best movie ever directed but it is the server choice you choose that can really give the game away.

Put these two factors together and the equation is simple: we are in the era of online confidence. Forget AWS's loafers or that much-coveted IBM's Softlayer; it's a great set of tactical blunder that are not the most wanted in 2013.

Advances in computing technology mean there's a huge variety of different appliances available now, from traditional shared hosting, cloud-computing to dedicated servers. Cloud-computing enables users to have their virtual server setup in record time with minimal discomfort and hassle.

A VPS subscriber, Nicole Lim, 32 who had been using VPS for her eCommerce site, but with exponential growth in traffic, computing resources consumption increases too. Over time, my hosting resources consumption began to really bother me, to the point I started comparing cloud hosting and dedicated server. When I got into the numbers, and a whole host of pros and cons, I realised cloud hosting is nothing much different from VPS hosting.

Nicole invested in dedicated server, a non virtual gimmick, a pure solid physical server with two Intel XEON six core processors, SAS 15k hard-disk on RAID5 and 1TB of disk space, says: "I asked a lot of questions to the vendors on cloud and dedicated for about a month. And while it is probably the vainest thing I've ever done, it was worth it. On the whole, I find dedicated server is much cheaper, secured and dependable compared to cloud.

For enterprises looking at dedicated servers with Linux virtualization options, Webqom is worth keeping an eye on.

When you're ready to get started, visit us online to browse options and signup with your discount or give us a call at +603 8688 3850.

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