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Web & Mobile App: Delivering The Internet of Everything Transformation Through Cloud?

Since the dawn of the Internet, what holds the most tremendous potential?

Cisco value this potential at USD$14.4 trillion over the next 10 years for the private sector. Internet of Everything, in short for IoE is the latest term coined by Cisco at a recent conference here in Kuala Lumpur. IoE is the end of the "old" internet and the rebirth of the new internet with its ability to both create e-commerce and produce a broad and diverse set of "e-outcomes".

At the frontend of these immense numbers will be the applications that accelerate the change of simple data to this economic value.

What would be the next innovation in technology areas that have the potential to disrupt and transform your industry?

What would be the next generation technique that can create a better healthcare visiting experience?

Like many others, I do have a visualization this technique can improve operational efficiency at the very least.

Consider this:

I have a headache and needed to see a doctor. I checked the hospital website and found the doctor's name timetable. I went to the hospital right away.

At the hospital, the clinic's receptionist told me the doctor is away for two days. Well, the doctor's status was not visibly available in their web page. Now it is either, I have to come back later or I look for another doctor.

Have you ever face such hassle? This is a common pain amongst many and I am not possibly the only one. If the doctor's availability status auto-update constantly, it could bring a better healthcare visiting experience. With Webqom's cloud solution, this is achievable.

The doctor is able to update its status via his smart device anywhere anytime. An alert can be sent to the assistance if status is not updated. Alternatively the doctor can assign the status update task to his/her assistance who can log into the web application and update.

Instead of updating it everyday, the assistant can update the status for the whole week, whole month and change it anytime when it requires to via the web application or mobile application at the comfort at his/her chosen place.

Returning customers can book appointments online. First time customers can register online and make a booking upon registration completion. Customers can add alert on a scheduled basis prior to the appointment. Alert is able to bring up the scheduled appointment and act as a reminder.

All records pertaining to the customer is available digitally. The system is able to bring up historical prescriptions and visitations or share other documents remotely.

These outcomes represent a collection of e-outcomes for the world led by the new "app economy" that is only in its infancy. What will your e-outcome be? How will you manage to prevent being marginalized and survive the new application-led economy?

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Webqom provides internet solution services, software and web hosting services infrastructure - especially in web and mobile applications, VPS, dedicated server and the cloud - are enabling the industry to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities.
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