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Managed Services: The Complete End-to-End Solution

Managed Services in this context means, building the website, operating the website and managing the website, a.k.a B.O.M. We have worked with the Good Health Distributors for many years, delivering websites, web hosting and email services for their Malaysian and Singapore operations.

This work has ranged from rich multimedia platforms to simple HTML based sites, designed and produced in conformance with strict accessibility guidelines. Behind every successful enterprise, no matter how large or small, are happy customers. Ensuring that they are satisfied means an organization needs to operate smoothly and reliably, as well as meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Companies that can achieve this will keep their current customer base as well as attract new business opportunities, which translate to more successful growth and profits.

As the race towards the Networked Society accelerates, all industries and the markets in which they operate are changing rapidly and becoming more diverse. Businesses need to be flexible and agile to be leaders. No matter what lies ahead, companies will need to deliver a great experience to their customers, operate efficiently and be innovative in their offerings.

Regional distributor, Good Health is the leader in fitness equipment in Malaysia, and the exclusive distributor of the high quality home and commercial fitness equipment, appointed Webqom, to handle its fully integrated digital account in 2006.

This involves developing and managing Good Health's website, improving the navigation and customer experience, providing web hosting, web maintenance and email services.

Complementary Solutions:

  • - Cloud enabled Storage Area Network
  • - High Availability Security: Firewall 100% Uptime

Webqom provides Good Health's sites with a higher level of security, speed, and up-time. "We have the capability to go far beyond the resource limitations found in a shared hosting environment. Webqom offers us peace of mind" mentioned Stephen.

- End -

Webqom provides internet solution services, software and web hosting services infrastructure - especially in web and mobile applications, VPS, dedicated server and the cloud - are enabling the industry to do better business, increase efficiency, improve the user experience and capture new opportunities.

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