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Web Design Style For Wealth Management Services

When doing this review, three things became apparent: Most investment banking sites are secured with SSL. SSL certificates protect websites from attacks and give visitors confidence that your site is authentic and trustworthy. While some asset managers are pushing the envelope and investing in their digital storefront, they are in the minority. We found that the vast majority of investment management websites still look dated, are designed at fixed screen sizes that have long been surpassed, are not mobile friendly and have the hallmarks of web design from a decade ago.

J.P. Morgan's web design is a corporate theme perfectly fits trendy business website with a flexible, sweet and elegant style best suitable for business, investment banks, professional services and wealth management firms which need a professional way to showcase their projects, services, and is a complete solution for business website.This is absolutely Responsive web design moreover fits according to the Screen resolution and cross browser supportive as well. The Colors, Flat-Grid design, Ritzy Images, Font-Awesome Icons, Hover Animations, Professional backgrounds, jQuery Plugins, Parallax and Perfect Alignment all in all contributed to craft this perfect design. This theme is a fully responsive and it works nicely on smartphones, tablet PC's and desktops. It is built in HTML5,CSS3,bootstrap frame work with fading slider, nice hover effects, sliding carousel, and font awesome icons.

Website: https://www.jpmorgan.com
Web Server : Apache
Frameworks : J2EE

Reusability, performance and scalability

In any J2EE web applications servlets are an integral part. The server side component of a servlets gives a powerful mechanism for developing server side web applications. It provides an important role in the explosion of Internet, its reusability, performance and scalability. Web developers can create fast and efficient server side programs or applications by using servlets. By using servlets web developers can run these applications in any servlet enabled web servers.

The main advantages of using servlets over CGI are, the CGI programs are run outside the web server so a new process should be started before the execution of a CGI programs. At a time the CGI programs handle only one request. After the execution of a CGI program they return the result in the web server and exit. But in the case of servlets it can handle multiple requests simultaneously. Servlets generate dynamic content or create dynamic web pages that is easy to write and faster to run within a web servers. Servlets can access any J2SE and J2EE APIs and it can take the full advantage and capabilities of the java programming language. Servlets are component based, platform independent method for create in the web based applications, without the performance limitations of CGI programs.

Every year, we see new elements and styles in website design begin to emerge.

Some elements -- when incorporated thoughtfully -- help tell stories and explain your company. Other elements work to improve how content looks on a specific device. While it's not necessary to include every trend that comes about on your website, many of them have the potential to improve your visitor's experience.

Danny Foo is Bootstrap and HTML5 expert. When he is not in the office, you can usually find him running on his treadmill and coding on his laptop at the gym bar.
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