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Website Design - Foster True Love For Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to build websites is by using website builder tools.

However, you've got to have the RIGHT design.

What's the right design?

That's easy. The right design is what your clients want.

Question is how do you know what your clients want? Keep reading.

Prior to each web design work, information gathering through meetings with the clients is very important. You will be able to gauge the customer's expectations of the type of design she desires from such interactions. Most of the time, the client will let you know what they require and what they dislike in their new website.

There is no fixed formula on when the client decides to take up your offer. Sometime it is pretty fast and sometime it may take a while before the decision is made.

Just recently we have completed a web design cum CMS [content management system] project for a client in Ipoh. We had meetings with the relevant persons before we pitched with a web design draft. Most clients prefer to discuss more on the design and leave the CMS choice to the web designer to choose.

Our team studied the requirements and came up with a draft design. Our design is based on the following features:


  • - HTML5 / CSS3
  • - Responsive web design
  • - Unique design
  • - Camera Slider
  • - Flex Slider
  • - Built on Skeleton grid system
  • - Multilevel Dropdown Menu
  • - 361 icons (based on Font Awesome Icons)
  • - Google Maps integration
  • - Contact Form
  • - CMS – MVC framework

The web design for Yee Lee Corporation Bhd is a unique, clean and responsive design. It is very much suitable for your corporate business sites, like Yee Lee. This web design comes with bunch of sliders, homepage layouts, 1-4 columns filterable portfolio layouts, contacts pages and more.

In contrast, we did not take the short cut by using online web builders tools. We handcraft it from scratch building each and every page with its refined CSS, JS and code it carefully with a secure MVC framework.

Different companies have different priorities when it comes to web design. From the very first moment, the new website's elegant design exudes a totally new user experience. Visit the website today to see if you would like to swap yours. www.yeelee.com.my

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