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VPS Hosting In Malaysia

What is VPS? VPS stands for virtual private server. Virtual private server is a type of hosting, which gives your site all the freedom of management and usage flexibility better than shared hosting. You will have access to SSH, just like in a dedicated server. You can run command in command line interface to perform various tasks quickly.

One of the magic of this is you can import a big database by running it on CLI than in phpmyadmin. You have the freedom to install any software packages that you need for your application. You have the freedom to use the resources allocated as though you are using a dedicated server.

That is what I meant by 'magic' of a VPS server. You pay a VPS price for a dedicated server type of capability. In terms of performance, from the administration point of view, it is near-perfect because you have root access. With root access, you have everything you need in your fingers. This allows you to choose the operating system and software that best suits your requirements, giving you full control over server configuration, application installation, and security settings.

Besides the 'magic' as mentioned above, VPS is more stable and safe as it is isolated from other users (unlike shared servers where if other users occasionally launch some harmful script or software your project is under threat as well as the whole server may go down). Security aspect of virtual private servers is much stronger: though VPS shares physical server with others, it is completely isolated from them due to virtualization.

VPS hosting is more cost-effective rather than dedicated servers as you don't have to pay for the entire physical server. Using VPS, you pay only for resources that you actually need for you project.

Using VPS, you have as much resources as you need. This type of servers is highly scalable. You can always upgrade your disk space, CPU and RAM.

That's why VPS is considered to be very secure, flexible and convenient solution for majority of projects.

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