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Fast Disk 40 GB 80 GB 100 GB
Transfer 3 TB 4 TB 5 TB
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Cloud hosting

A Cloud For Everyone

The cloud can seem complex and intimidating. So we reinvented it.

Safer & Faster

On the cloud your website is more reliable. Your data is automatically mirrored across three distinct devices. Should hardware issues arise at one, our failover technology automatically designates one copy of your website to keep functioning while the other two copies work to rebuild.

No more long load times. Along with premium hardware and low-density servers, our cloud platform includes a varnish caching layer to ensure your server resources are focused where they should be. Static website content is managed more efficiently so dynamic requests can be processed quicker than ever.

Simpler & Bigger

Understand your site's performance at a glance. Simple yet useful dashboards provide a quick view into usage trends, page download speed, uptime, global reach, and more. And with instant resource management, you'll never need to worry about your site going down due to traffic spikes again.

More web traffic should never slow you down. As your online presence grows, amp up your cloud usage with the click of a button. Either pick a more powerful plan, or add CPU and RAM a la carte as needed. All without having to worry about reboots, cryptic usage fees, or downtime.


Technical Specifications

We preinstall and maintain all the software you need on your server.

  • WHM & cPanel
  • Apache & CentOS
  • Free Domain Name
  • Softaculous Autoinstaller
  • Exim Mail Server
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • Free Private SSL
  • 7 PHP Versions & HHVM
  • IP Tables Firewall
  • SSH Access

Please note that the preinstalled OS and other software, needed for a smoothly managed cloud service, reserve 10GB of storage on your server.

cloud server

Enterprise-Class Service Features

Ultra-Fast Platform

We use lightweight Linux containers with SSD disks for unmatched resource efficiency and site speed..

Auto-Scalable Resources

Add more resources to your server in a click or set them to auto-scale upon traffic spikes without rebooting..

Fully Managed Servers

We configure and manage the infrastructure and server software to take off your head the day-to-day IT maintenance..

Daily Backups

We keep 7 offsite backups of your account from 7 consecutive days to guarantee no data will ever be lost..

Automated Migration

Already have a shared hosting account? Enjoy the power of the cloud in minutes with a seamless transition to our new platform..

Data Mirroring

Cloud Sites automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure saftey and protection..

Integrated Caching

Enjoy automatically accelerated web content from day one with an advanced, customized NGINX/Varnish Caching configuration..

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitor your site's performance by tracking traffic, load speed, global reach, and more from one centralized location..

Resource Monitoring

Easily identify when more resources are needed to support your website, then power up with just the click of a button..

Automated Failover

If a hardware device falters, your site is automatically switched to another server. No delays, no downtime, no worries..

24/7 VIP Support

Blazing fast support by real experts! No hold time on chat and phone, less than 10 min replies on tickets..

Free CDN

Add free CDN for better geographical accessibility and local speed..